My name is Graham Ayers, and I'm an artist. 
I reside in beautiful Littleton, Colorado with my wonderful girlfriend Brie and our kitten, Roux. Through my career I've done freelance illustration and design, as well as working as a Graphic Artist within a professional office setting. I've always been into illustration ever since I was a kid drawing in ALL of my mom's books. Since 2011 I've been doing illustration work professionally, graduating with a BFA in Illustration from RMCAD.
Currently I do mostly digital work utilizing the Adobe Suite, but I also love to do traditional methods as well. Pen and ink, wood-burning and wood craft and some painting just to name a few. 
I've gotten a chance to work with different people and companies alike creating logos, marketing materials, menus and everything in-between. Anything to challenge me creatively and spark something imaginative or informative really excites me. 
I take inspiration from pop culture, music and pretty much everything under the sun! So take a look around, and feel free to contact me with any questions!